February 12, 2017

Years in the making of this affordable alternative to the 4-Part Spinning head, this 3-Piece head kit is New for 2017, available now.

December 12, 2016

Finally, after several modeling attempts the Blade Head with Articulated Eye Spikes and Jaw have arrived, 1 sold and only one in stock, available for purchase today.

< Proud to be Pin
October 6, 2016

Finally, the head for the custom made Movie Edition Puppet Master Pinhead Prop Replica is complete.  

< Mephisto Head Kit
August 2, 2016

Finally, the drawings for the Puppet Master Mephisto head kit have been processed and ready to print. Upon designing I decided to model Mephisto with a fixed jaw, mouth slightly open. And just as the […]

< DELUXE METAL Hook and Knife first Set
August 2, 2016

Yesterday I completed and sold the very first Deluxe Hook and Knife set for Puppet Master Blade replicas, and it is NICE!. Hook and blade constructed of sold aluminum, each with plastic bases and metallic […]

< Project Burn Again
August 2, 2016

Today is August 1st 2016, and its safe to say project Burn Again is a Great Success and major accomplishment in the Puppet Master world. The Kit consists of 20 pieces and has the option […]

< Torch Prop Replica Head Comparison
July 16, 2016

Image on left is of the Torch Replica head offered by FM, Head on right is the new AT Kit head, painted and assembled, and also allows animatronic movement via radio control, as well as […]

< Resin to Replica
June 14, 2016

JESTER After years of use and decades of storage, the original screen used prop had been molded after its original mold was lost. From that mold a new casting was made, which precisely detailed not […]