Whats in Your Closet?

Whats in your Puppet Collection? The world would like to know.

I currently only have original authentic castings for screen used Jester props, both happy and sad expressions, and also Hitler and Pinhead. However, I am interested in obtaining others, such as Torch, Tunneler, Six Shooter, and Blade.

There is a Blade replica head in circulation that many refer to as an authentic Blade casting, but was actually cast from a “Monsters in Motion” limited edition Deluxe Blade replica. The MiM edition was limited to only 50 Pieces, and originally sold for $349 and featured leather like clothing which are much a different style than the cloth, a wood display stand, and clear plastic display case. The head casting used to make the MiM version was cast from a copy, of a copy which explains the loss of detail but is otherwise authentic.

Although the MiM version had long since been sold out, occasionally one can be found for sale on ebay for anywhere from $400-$600. Currently heads cast from the MiM Blade replica are the closest thing the public has to an authentic reproduction.

With numerous reproductions of Tunneler circulating and only the Full Moon replica of Torch, original authentic castings of each are becoming most sought after.

If you have what you believe to be an authentic reproduction of any original Puppet Master prop, please by all means I would like to see it. Even if you believe what you have to be authentic, then please by all means please Email photos so I may try and confirm its authenticity.

Please note, there are numerous people selling what they claim to be authentic reproductions of screen used props. However, I have yet to see anything other than the Jester replica which I personally have a molds for.

Thank you