So what has -V- been doing lately?

I have to admit, having people hack has made me hesitant to write any new posts, and I still have hope that one day I will have time to find a more recent backup of the site and all the wonderful posts I spent many hours creating. But for now, here is a post to keep you wondering, or not wondering.

So what have I been up to lately?

2013 was a bad year for me, it marked the end of a 6 year relationship with a wonderful lady, who I still feel was the closest thing to the perfect woman for me, but its over now and those of you who have lost something know what it means to feel pain.

We all need friends, and fortunately a good friend of mind had the time to spend with me during this grieving period. In fact, I had not spoken with in months and when I finally did, he shared his news with me.

He also had just came out of a 5 year marriage, and he of all people was the last person I thought would ever get married. So we were there for each other, as only the closest of friends can be, and shared each others pain.

But life goes on, and so does work and careers. His just happens to be a stunt man, although getting from day one to today has been a long tough road, 8 years in the making before the really money was made. (for EDUB anyway)

The majority of 2013 I spent working and planning with my Good Friend Ernie “EDUB” Vigil and here are the results of our endless nights in the shop, surrounded by bikes and gasoline fumes, in front of the computer, with our faithful shop Dog by our side.

“Here’s to you Evie, Rest in Peace”.