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In 2006 I made a custom Skull and Crossbones Pendant. The original was cast in sterling silver. I liked the pendant so much that I decided to make a mold of the original just in case it was lost etc. Although a perfect mold was made, the original solid silver pendant which I had worn for some time, was carelessly partially destroyed by the caster. The only thing that remains now are a limited amount of castings, some in various finishes such as Nickle Chrome plated, Sterling Silver plated, Gold plated and a few others.

It has been my intention for some time now to sell the pendants, and what better time to do so now as I am trying to raise funds for projects etc. so I added an Online Store to the website from which the pendants may be purchased. I would eventually like to add additional items.

Now to help promote the store and sales I would like to offer Free Shipping on orders of $20 or more, plus other limited time offers in the future available to subscribers and maybe even some free giveaways!

Thank you