User PuppetMasterKing, on the yuku forum kindly posted photos of his entire Puppet Master Collection. It would appear he has at least one each of every Retail item ever sold and is not limited to replicas, his collection also includes action figures, posters, comics, books, DVDs and other media.

The collection is very impressive, however other thoughts come to my mind. My own friends call me weird but it doesn’t bother me. Please keep in mind that I was homeless for several years, so I tend to view reality different than most. I still have days when I don’t have money for gas, or even food.

A while back I estimated the total sales from Full Moon replicas. Here are the current estimated sales totals from replicas alone:

  • Limited to 50 pieces @ $225 ea. = $11,250
  • Limited to 200 pieces @ $200 ea. = $40,000
  • Limited to 200 pieces @ $300 ea. = $60,000
  • Limited to 500 pieces @ $200 ea. = $100,000

So, how many Full Moon replicas have been made and sold? Well, there is Blade, Jester, Torch, Tunneler, Pinhead, Six Shooter, and Leech Woman, that’s 7 characters.

So far thats 1400 pieces @ $200 each ($300 ea. per Six Shooter) making the total original edition replicas to $300,000. Add another $300,000 for the Battle Damaged replicas. Plus another $80,000 from the Red Variant Blade. And soon an additional estimated $650,000 in sales from the Stealth versions which are limited to 500 ea.

NOTE: These amounts are only estimates and do not include the estimated income from the new Retro Puppet series or sales from DVD and other media sales, statues, T-Shirts, and other miscellaneous items.

Making a grand total of $1,341,250.00

One Million Three hundred and Forty-One thousand, Two hundred and Fifty dollars!

What are you thinking right about now?


(images courtesy of PuppetMasterKing)