International Guests Welcome


Since the start of back in December 2010 the site has received over 14,000 unique visitors from all over the world.

Shortly after its launch, was hacked by someone overseas, and I immediately took measures to prevent further attempts by blocking some countries. Despite the hacking incident I recently removed the blocks to once again allow world wide visitors.

There were a few months in 2011 and several months in 2012 that the site was down due to lack of funds. As of Friday July 12th 2012 when the site came back online, we have had over 500 unique visitors. That is about 175 new visitors per week. Which is not as much as 2011, but is still pretty exciting to know people are interested in the projects.

I also just added an international language converter. It is not 100% perfect, but will allow allow visitors from all over the world to view in their own language.

If you operate a website dedicated to Puppet Master, animation, art, stop motion, or model making, then please feel free to contact me with a link to your website so we can start a link share. which is basically If you advertise and link to my site, I will link to yours.

Thank You!