Four heads are better than one

Every so often something of interest shows up on ebay, although Puppet Master items are very common, actual movie props are rare.

The last time I recall an actual authentic screen used prop was listed it happened to be the mechanical part of leech woman’s “leech extrusion mechanism”. It wasn’t the prettiest thing I ever saw, and I dont think anyone actually bid on it.

Even though there are numerous Puppet Master items listed on ebay, very few are actually authentic screen used items.

I recently saw this set on ebay, which consist of 4 head castings. The set sold for $300-$400, and included painted castings, but the tunneler casting was more than just a head, it appears to be wired to a box and actually spins his head screw. Its almost a bit silly, but cool at the same time.

I have a feeling one of the yuku members is trickling this sort of item into ebay every once and a while. Its hard to tell what kind of quality these were, since most people are using home casting methods and the results are ok at best. Then again I could imagine a thick layer of paint could improve a bad castings appearance.

These types of head castings are very common these days, but how many of them are authentic, original castings?

Who made this set, Who Sold it, How many people have the opportunity to own and enjoy it, and Where will its next home be?