In 1977 20th Century Fox released George Lucas’s STAR WARS, and just as I walked out of the theater I realized my shelves cluttered full of various models I had assembled since I could walk suddenly had more meaning than ever, a purpose greater than static displays collecting dust on shelves, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.Star-Destroyer-720

However, as an extremely poor teenager in New Mexico any thoughts of involvement in Hollywood productions seemed light years away and I quickly lost hope.

I continued my interest and even built a 48 inch long model Star Destroyer, which was turned away from art and hobby exhibits due to its large size.

Other projects ranged from tiny silver jewelry to 1:10 scale metal armor kits some of which weighing nearly 100 Lbs and powered by model airplane engines.

Then one day, to my surprise I was contacted and offered a job constructing scale models of satellites. I accepted the position and immediately relocated to Southern California and contributed to the Solar Sail project, then known as “Team Encounter“, but by this time my interest in pursuing a career in special effects and model making had nearly vanished. However one model was used in the 1998 Sci-Fi film Armageddon. Solar-Sail-720

Years later I returned to NM and it was during this time I once again became obsessed with curious characters of Puppet Master,  which actions I once thought to be grotesque and bizarre, and applied my modeling skills which have evolved into a desire to preserve what I have always felt are great works of art: Movie Props. I then worked for a local casting shop making all sorts of props, including several for a TV series called “Braking Bad” which was filmed locally. During this same time I made several props for various feature films. (The Last Stand, Odd Thomas, and others)

Soon after I found myself working with old friend who after 8 years of dedication and following his interest, had increased what was once our small following of local spectators to a world wide fan base and even major sponsors such as Icon Motorsports, Triumph Motorcycles, Castrol, and Monster Energy Drink just to name a few. Ernie “EDUB” Vigil.Drift-III-Buggy

Meanwhile progressing in popularity and the demand for more professional videography, I teamed up with Empire and Matt at PHLEWID FILMS to produce Drift III Motorcycle VS Car, which was filmed in various locations here in my town, then onto completing “City is my Playground” which was also filmed locally in the dead of winter with an extremely small budget.

Keeping up with the occasional demand for various models I continue to provide what I can for various fans, however my true goal is to relocate back to Cali and seek employment in the industry once again.