February 2018

AndreToulon.com needs a new solution for online payments, so until one is found I will only be accepting check or money orders.  That said, If you need any puppet parts or custom modeled 3D parts, please message me.

Lots of recent changes and still hopeful to complete various projects, one being Jester’s Throne, as seen in Puppet Master II. Id like to offer a full size replica provided enough funds are raised to cover the start up costs. Therefore I have decided to sell copies of the 3D Printable files to a few very lucky and devoted fans. This will allow me to raise funds and also ensure preservation of the Puppets, or better said “Keep the Puppets Alive” for future generations to enjoy.

That said, I need to find 2 more PM Fans who are willing to get involved and make the purchase, a package deal of one each of all the head models for a set price, or pick and choose the few you would like to have. 3D Printable files basically allow unlimited copies to be made via a professional online printing service such as Shapeways.com or Sculpteo.com, both of which produce Very high quality prints (unlike the extremely poor quality crappy consumer printers such as makerbot and ultimaker)

Anyone interested must please message me ASAP.

And last, I am taking requests for custom 3D modeling work, prop replica related or not. Virtually any form of digital art, including animation, so please spread the word, submit your requests for parts, and once again Thank you all very much for doing your part and “Keeping the Puppets Alive!”