Fan Suggestion

Today I received a nice Email from a Fan, and below is my reply.

Hello, and good morning.

I just viewed a couple scenes from that film on youtube.
They are 3D CGI using a technique to simulate stop motion, very cool.

Other than Puppet Master, or the works of David Allen, I really dont do anything random, but hope to someday produce my own 3D animations. (using my own character creations of course)

Some believe that every great idea has already been done, and is only being rehashed, or copied and names changed etc.

the market for new things is tough, unless you are Disney, pixar, dreamworks etc. the odds of gaining much are slim to none.

However, this should not discourage you or anyone else, worst case, you could pursue employment with a large firm and work from there.
The problem is, even the big companies have strayed away from stop motion and tangible models, these days, they are only used for reference, and everything else is CGI.

But even that is being replaced with 3D Printers, so the art of physical sculpting will eventually be lost as well. Thanks, or no thanks to technology.

I highly encourage you, or anyone to not let that stop you from creating something new, and even if you have a small following, go for it, because you never know what it could turn into.