< UPDATE 2016
May 3, 2016

First off, thank you everyone. A lot has changed, and progress continues. Available now are Blade heads with Articulated Jaw, as well as both Jester Happy and Sad 4-Part kits. Please excuse the neglect of […]

< Torch Returns
March 12, 2016

UPDATE , Saturday March 12 2016. Currently available for purchase. Blade Head with Articulated Jaw. (eye spikes optional) Jester Sad Head, 4 part “Spinning” Head. Coming Soon! Jester Happy Head, 4 part “Spinning” head kit. […]

< 2016
January 14, 2016

Today I was able to restore AndreToulon.com However, serious updating is needed and some information in various posts is either incorrect, or out of date. Not to mention the site being hacked several times and […]

< Fan Suggestion
April 18, 2015

Today I received a nice Email from a Fan, and below is my reply. Hello, and good morning. I just viewed a couple scenes from that film on youtube. They are 3D CGI using a […]

< Hitler has Arrived
April 9, 2015

The long awaited news of Hitler’s coming is finally here. I am offering this 100% authentic Hitler head casting, in its original form, straight from the David Allen Studio casting, (not remastered), completely unaltered from […]

< So what has -V- been doing lately?
May 3, 2014

I have to admit, having people hack andretoulon.com has made me hesitant to write any new posts, and I still have hope that one day I will have time to find a more recent backup […]

< Original Blade
January 22, 2014

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting in a long time, I have been very busy, working full time again and although I intend to finish all the projects I started, I have little time and […]

< Whats in Your Closet?
October 31, 2013

Whats in your Puppet Collection? The world would like to know. I currently only have original authentic castings for screen used Jester props, both happy and sad expressions, and also Hitler and Pinhead. However, I […]

< Back from Hacked
April 27, 2013

Once again, AndreToulon (among millions of other websites) was hacked again, and again several recent posts were lost. So, back online, again, and parts of the site are in shambles, but I hope to have […]

< Were Moving
August 24, 2012

Yes, the Shop is getting a little crowded, so its time to move into someplace larger. As you may know, some shops get cluttered with tools etc. and things can get messy when you have […]

< The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix
August 22, 2012

The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is one of my favorite animated films. Originally titled Flåklypa Grand Prix, and released in 1975. The film was ahead of its time and even grossed $5,914,576 in theaters, and is […]

< Stop Motion How To
August 22, 2012

Stop Motion, is actually a way of making objects appear to move by animating inanimate objects. The art of stop motion is really quite simple, much like the technique used by artists to create cartoon […]

< Lets call it Manimation
August 20, 2012

Two things that go well together. The Wood Bodies I started using for puppets, and also the fact they make great stop motion puppets. This one is not as funny.

< $2,600 Mannequin on ebay
August 20, 2012

I just discovered this (ITEM  130750777747) its a Very Old mannequin and is worth some where in the range of $2,600 plus having the original box and document makes it worth even more. The unknowing […]

< Replicas VS Real
August 18, 2012

Fan or Full Moon, which replicas came first? Did Fans start making their own replicas to satisfy their desires to own a piece of Puppet Master history? Or did Full Moon actually want the general […]

< Puppet Master Theme Music
August 14, 2012

Here is my improvised version of the Puppet Master Theme Song Music played on piano. It may not be perfect, but it sounds good to me and is fun to play. Try it yourself here! […]

< PuppetMasterKing
August 14, 2012

User PuppetMasterKing, on the yuku forum kindly posted photos of his entire Puppet Master Collection. It would appear he has at least one each of every Retail item ever sold and is not limited to […]

< Stop and Go Motion
August 11, 2012

Many months ago I wrote an article titled Stop Motion VS CGI which ended with a note about Stop Motion not producing blurs. This being one factor giving stop motion its unique appearance. However, back […]

< The Peak of Stop Motion
August 11, 2012

Following in the footsteps of people like Albert Smith, Willis O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen just to name a few, various animators have made their mark on their mark on the film industry. Some by devising […]

< Stop Motion Keeps on Going
August 9, 2012

I came across this video a while back, and realize the author “PES” has made several similar videos and commercials featuring a variety of ordinary items used in interesting ways. (notice the special thanks to […]

< Interview with the late David Allen
August 9, 2012

This really is somewhat rare interview with the late David Allen. I only found it recently even though I had searched for interviews many years ago. (the audio track has issues)

< The Andre Toulons
August 9, 2012

William Edward Hickey (September 19, 1927 – June 29, 1997) was an American actor. Hickey was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Nora and Edward Hickey, both of Irish descent. He had an […]

< Four heads are better than one
August 8, 2012

Every so often something of interest shows up on ebay, although Puppet Master items are very common, actual movie props are rare. The last time I recall an actual authentic screen used prop was listed […]

< Customization for a Cause
August 5, 2012

The Puppet replicas offered by Full Moon have been around since about 2009, and although I had not heard about them until mid 2010 I was fortunate enough to purchase a used original Blade replica […]

< Foam to Wood Mannequin
August 5, 2012

In response to all wishing to replace a Full Moon replica’s original foam body with a wood mannequin body I devised what I believe would be the simplest way. Before starting, please understand that there […]

< International Guests Welcome
August 3, 2012

Hello. Since the start of AndreToulon.com back in December 2010 the site has received over 14,000 unique visitors from all over the world. Shortly after its launch, AndreToulon.com was hacked by someone overseas, and I […]

< Deadly Masquerade
July 31, 2012

Now, part of the purpose of AndreToulon.com and my research is to collect as much information about the actual screen used props, as well as any information leading to the current whereabouts  of each of […]

< Ray Harryhausen’s Skeleton Battle
July 31, 2012

Every Stop Motion Animator was inspired by someone, however the most inspirational animator of all time could very well be Ray Harryhausen and the animation in “Jason and the Argonauts”. The Harryhausen Chronicles

< Delta Farce
July 13, 2012

Here is a scene from a movie I saw a few years ago. Its one of those movies some refer to as being “Stupid Funny”. Its not the best film but the plot is silly. […]

< Back, Again. . .
July 13, 2012

Hello, yes, Hello What, is that all I can say? well its been tough, and despite it all im still trying to maintain this site. Thank you all for your interest, and hopefully with some […]

< Heads will Roll
April 23, 2011

Oh man, not so easy, Great plan, just not so easy. One head dislodged although not a failure, not a success. The second head was better, till I realized the lines are about 4mm off. […]

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