< Lights, Camera, Paint?
January 16, 2011

Operation Red Head, moving fast, partly because I made the weapons in advance, I haven’t taken much time to stop and do videos, or take numerous detailed photos, and after doing several customizations, each taking  […]

< New Paint
January 15, 2011

The Blade Replica dolls have a very bright white finish, and the eye sockets are solid black, and the mouth is not a mouth at all, but a thin painted on line representing a nonexistent  […]

< Operation Red Head
January 13, 2011

Today I official started Operation Red Head. Although this is not the first Red Variant I customized, I am hoping to document the entire process once again. Each time I do this the surprises are […]

< Skull Pendants
January 6, 2011

Working as a modeler in the jewelery industry, I created a few original pieces. One of which is a one of a kind pendant of the Megadeth Mascot “Vic Rattle head”. I highly detailed this […]

< New “Short Body”
January 3, 2011

Although absolutely pleased with my True 1:1 scale Blade replica, some replica owners want the metal weapons, and like the idea of a wooden body, but want to maintain the original clothes which come with […]

< Future Plans
January 2, 2011

Jester Replica My Ass. That’s not jester, that’s not even Jester’s cousin. I really didn’t plan on going as far as I did with the Blade doll, although knowing myself as I do, it was […]

< How, When, Where,
January 2, 2011

Looking back, I don’t recall how I got the Puppet Master bug. It was like one day I was thinking of interesting films, and the character “Blade” popped into my mind. I recalled each of […]

< Why
January 2, 2011

Some one just asked me why does my replica look better than some of the other customized Blade dolls. Well, considering that the heads used on the dolls were not cast from the same mold […]

< Project Funding
January 1, 2011

Some of you may already know, I do web design (among other things). I also create custom artwork as you see I have created AndreToulon.com My custom website designs start at only $50 and include […]

< Film One Weapons
December 29, 2010

I just finished the weapons I made for the red variant Blade, and they look awesome! Being this is the second complete set of weapons some minor improvements were made, and one major. This time […]

< Thank You
December 27, 2010

A Special Thanks to Erik Cameron Art and Web Design, for creating a wonderful new header for the site. Thank You!

< New Paint
December 24, 2010

Here you see the Red variant’s head, with a new paint job. No articulated jaw.  Now all that’s left is to attach to the body, and finish the knife blade holder. Overall the project went […]

< Ain’t got no Body
December 22, 2010

Actually I do have a body, and its head will soon be ready, all its needs now is painting! A Huge sigh of relief as I just now completed work on the head, and if […]

< Red-y for Head-y
December 22, 2010

OK, finally, the cavity is deep enough to insert the cut wood head into the resin head. But that’s not all, the head is actually partially hollow. In fact the resin is less than 1/8 […]

< Boring!
December 22, 2010

The concrete bit help considerably, although I will still require some sort of routing tool to replace the one that wore out just minutes after starting the cavity. As you can see in this photo, […]

< No Guts No Glory
December 22, 2010

“No Guts No Glory”, that is the phrase I kept telling myself as I carefully risked the modifications on the Original replica. If you want something bad enough, well. . . You make a plan, […]

< Blade’s new Coat
December 21, 2010

Yes, it arrived today, very high quality in both material and workmanship. The new coat has eight buttons as well as other like features, just like the one used in the original film. The outer […]

< Red Head
December 20, 2010

I started a new project, using a Red Variant. I also discovered the heads used are not all the same. Although the head is only one of the 5 major parts of the customization, (head, […]

< Who, Where, When,
December 19, 2010

I was told a story about why the replicas are the way they are. It goes something like this: When Full Moon no longer possessed the original move props when they decided to offer replicas […]

< Variants
December 14, 2010

I have always considered toy variants nothing more than a way for a manufacturer to milk the cow a little more. And in very few cases, a variant served as justice to a first release […]

< Project X-1/9
December 14, 2010

Humorously named after a two-seater mid-engined sports car designed by Bertone and manufactured by Fiat from 1972-1982. Considering the risks involved I was very uncertain of the results, and willing to take a chance of […]

< Thank You
December 10, 2010

Your comment and interest in this project has encouraged me to make the modifications and progress which made this replica closer to the actual movie prop than any other I have seen. Please contact me […]

< The Official Email to Rolo
March 18, 2010

On March 1 2010 a Puppet Master fan by the name of Rolo was contacted by Email from Ry of Full Moon Features regarding the mass production of his home made Puppet Master replicas. Rolo […]

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