< Deadly Masquerade
July 31, 2012

Now, part of the purpose of AndreToulon.com and my research is to collect as much information about the actual screen used props, as well as any information leading to the current whereabouts  of each of […]

< Ray Harryhausen’s Skeleton Battle
July 31, 2012

Every Stop Motion Animator was inspired by someone, however the most inspirational animator of all time could very well be Ray Harryhausen and the animation in “Jason and the Argonauts”. The Harryhausen Chronicles

< Organ Stop Pizza
July 26, 2012

What do Pizza and Puppets have in common? Not much really, except for when the Organist plays a tune they call “Dancing Cats” Organ Stop Pizza is located in Mesa Arizona, east of Phoenix and […]

< Delta Farce
July 13, 2012

Here is a scene from a movie I saw a few years ago. Its one of those movies some refer to as being “Stupid Funny”. Its not the best film but the plot is silly. […]

< Back, Again. . .
July 13, 2012

Hello, yes, Hello What, is that all I can say? well its been tough, and despite it all im still trying to maintain this site. Thank you all for your interest, and hopefully with some […]

< Heads will Roll
April 23, 2011

Oh man, not so easy, Great plan, just not so easy. One head dislodged although not a failure, not a success. The second head was better, till I realized the lines are about 4mm off. […]

< Surprised to see me?
April 15, 2011

Preparing for a second attempt to cut perfect lines into a Jester head casting. I have three new castings, each has a brass tube perfectly positioned for producing parallel lines, which could then be used […]

< Casting Castastrophy
April 12, 2011

Well not really, the head casting itself is virtually perfect. The problem was my method for placing the tube within the unfilled mold cavity. The goal here was to cast a head with a brass […]

< Headstrong
April 10, 2011

Well, not sure what to think except that it’s almost perfect to my standards. The plan was to mount the new cast head by its axle in the chuck, and a live center at the […]

< Two heads are better than one
April 9, 2011

The plan, for the most part is proceeding according as planned. Here you see the revised head attached to a wood base, then placed in a special made mold box consisting of acrylic plastic sheets […]

< Pat’s New Fan Film
April 3, 2011

Puppet Master Antiquities An original fan-film,  sequel to Puppet Master 2. Featuring all the original characters with the exception of Leech Woman, and will be a feature length film. While searching for potential valuables at […]

< Replica Revision
April 2, 2011

Sleepless nights, holes in the wall from banging my head, waking up only to find my legs are not made of wood. No matter how hard I try I just will not accept a replica […]

< Video Zone
April 1, 2011

Movie Magic was a TV series featuring behind the scenes of popular films. Video Zone was Full Moon Features answer to behind the scenes. Although its been a while since a Video Zone was produced, […]

< Rotational Casting and Mold Making Tips
April 1, 2011

Rotational casting was used for the Original Replicas, similar to the method in this video. Coating the inside of the mold several times, rather than filling the cavity make it lightweight followed by an expanding […]

< New Vidcast
April 1, 2011

I was searching for Puppet Master 3-D but found this instead.

< Puppets need love too
March 31, 2011

“No one really knows what dolls and puppets do when the lights go out” That is a phrase taken from Puppet Master behind the scenes “No Strings Attached”, and was very effective and maybe even […]

< It Will Happen!
March 30, 2011

I spent several months thinking, and planning what I would do once I have time, money, and a decent head to work with. The project is not going to be easy, nor is it going […]

< Casting Compounds
March 29, 2011

Foam core-styrene,  and polyester resin were two casting methods used for Full Moon replicas. Although the foam core method provides excellent results and is is a good choice, the other is not. Foam core casting […]

< Closer to the Truth
March 28, 2011

Like many of you, I was extremely disappointed to say the least, with the overall appearance of the Blade replica I received from Full Moon.  I compared it to the props used in the films […]

< Custom Coat Photos
March 28, 2011

The Custom made coats arrived today, here are the photos. These  coats are made by a professional dressmaker using exact specifications to fit a true 1:1 scale Puppet Master Blade replica, customized with 20 inch […]

< Worlds Tallest Puppet
February 19, 2011

At 50 Feet Tall, its not small, or cheap, or related to Puppet Master. The Burning of Zozobra has been a New Mexico tradition since 1924, and now expects attendance of 40,000 or more each […]

< Stop Motion VS CGI
February 16, 2011

What were your thoughts when you first saw creatures animated by stop motion photography? Or when you saw Yoda for the first time? Stop motion photography began in 1898, and by 1925 had become very […]

< Tammy’s Original Blade Prop (sold)
February 15, 2011

Anyone might ask themselves, “Is it a real prop used in one or more Puppet Master films?” I read all the posts, and realized it is human nature to question such items. Reading so many […]

< David Allen’s Best
February 11, 2011

If it were not for David Allen, the Puppet Master series would never have gained the respect it has. Although David Allen was the stop motion animator for many other films, Only one remains my […]

< Blades Shoes
February 10, 2011

Tammy provided additional photos of her Blade Prop. And so the never ending curiosity spread to this photo which, again is one of those things where you have to ask, is it real? Maybe its […]

< Letter from Tammy (Original Blade Prop)
February 10, 2011

Today I received a detailed story from the Lady who owned a screen used Blade prop. Here is her Story The year was 1992, when I rented Puppet Master; I fell in love with Blade […]

< Operation Redhead Before & After
January 19, 2011

Today marks the last day of Operation Red Head. Cjso6 and will soon be reunited with his faithful friend, as my skills have improved a little more. Thank you. -V-

< I Spy with my little Spikes
January 19, 2011

Eye spikes, best used for peeking through keyholes. These are just painted, silver. I darkened the ones on my replica, although in most of the scenes when Blade’s spike out extended, they are light, almost […]

< New! “Rogaine for Puppets”
January 18, 2011

ok, hair. Its done. Best solution I could find. And not east to work with. Compared to the hair found on the first replicas, fake fur, or straight white hair extensions. This tops them all. […]

< Give Me A Head With Hair!
January 17, 2011

Anyone of you subscribers remember that line? Its taken from very cool 60s song, then later a movie “HAIR” about life and view on war in the 60’s. Long hair symbolizes live and let live, […]

< Dark Sexy Lips
January 17, 2011

Ok, so working with Cjs06 on his Replica, we decided to darken the lips just a little. Going over various screen shots from each film I realized sometimes Blade’s lips are the same color as […]

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