Customization for a Cause

The Puppet replicas offered by Full Moon have been around since about 2009, and although I had not heard about them until mid 2010 I was fortunate enough to purchase a used original Blade replica for around $80 which is  around $120 less then the retail price.

The big question was to keep it as is, or to customize it to my liking. In the case of something like an automobile  changing from its original state will further its depreciation, although some people may disagree in such cases as replacing the stock wheels with after market etc. This does not raise a vehicles value, not really anyway.

Getting back to the replica, I looked at it, turned away, stuck it in a drawer and said well at least it was only $80.

Original Full Moon Replica - Customized Replica

Now being the modeler that I am, I started pondering what if I was to make it better even though it hardly resembled the Blade we all come to know in the films.

I kept telling myself that a replica was a likeness, and not necessarily a close one. However a “Replica” according to Wikipedia is an exact reproduction executed by the original artist or a copy or reproduction, especially one on a scale smaller than the original. A replica is a copy closely resembling the original concerning its shape and appearance.”

The replica to me was more of a likeness, or perhaps even a Doll rather than a puppet. I know I’m not the only one that felt a little disappointed when I first held the replica in my hands, yet I soon got over the fact that Full Moon could not possibly invest such time into each and every replica and still keep costs down.

Screen used Blade film prop - Customized Replica

Ok Then, so what do I do with it I though to myself. Do I dare keep something in my personal collection which I am not proud to show, or do I change it.

I spent several hours debating whether or not to change it, and many many more actually customizing it beyond my original plans until the point I was very happy with it. I even articulated the Jaw to allow it to open and close.

Anyway, to make a long story short my projects used up a lot of money and I was forced to sell my Own personally replica, but not before making several others. I sold it to a man in Phoenix, AZ, which in turn sold it to a man who was dying from a rare illness and therefore had a goal to own a collection of Puppet Master replicas, including a replica of Toulon’s Trunk.

Screen Used Blade prop - Customized Replica

Several months later I was contacted by the Special effects guy in charge of Full Moon’s latest film “Axis Rising”, AKA “Puppet Master X”. They asked me if I could provide them a copy of my custom Blade replica’s head to be used in the next Puppet Master Film. Sadly I informed them that I no longer possessed the replica, but could try to obtain it briefly to make a mold.

It took a little time, but I was finally able to contact Blades new owner. We started a deal which would allow me use of the replica. As fate would have it I was not able complete the deal before Blades new owner passed away, or at least I have not heard from him in months.

I think its safe to say all the effort that went into creation of my replica was for a good cause.

Eventually Id like to recreate the custom Replica, but this time it will be even better.