$2,600 Mannequin on ebay

I just discovered this (ITEM  130750777747) its a Very Old mannequin and is worth some where in the range of $2,600 plus having the original box and document makes it worth even more. The unknowing seller has the material of construction listed as plastic, but is actually made of original Bakelite which is a very high temp composition of a fiberglass like synthetic plastic and resin, and is virtually indestructible.

The current bid is barely over $100. (note the ball joints which are nearly identical to the ones used for stop motion puppets)

Below is an excerpt and a photo of the same brand of mannequin along with the link to where I discovered its worth.

20″ Brass and Bakelite Artist’s Mannequin
This is one of the rare and most beautiful 20th Century artist’s mannequin. It is cast Bakelite with brass ball joints. It stands 20 inches tall plus has the original wood base. It will also stand on it’s own without the base. It has a real machine age robotic look and a nice warm patina. The back is signed in the casting and reads… “ATSCO – OSCAR, Sunset Los Angeles”.

Appraised value of $2600